Abundance Now:
The Undeniable Laws of Manifestation

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This free Workbook reveals how to harness the universal laws of manifestation to re-shape your mindset into that of somebody living in a place of courage and resilience…

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Why You Need To Read This Guide Immediately

If you're scared right now, because of the global pandemic, because of the economy, because of your health, or the politics of the world, or any of the things that have made this year such a difficult test, you need to read this guide.

Everybody experiences fear.

The difference is, do you use fear to step into your personal power, or do you let it stop you from giving the gifts your are meant to share in this life?

I made this worksheet for those of you serious about meeting your fear with love and compassion when, not if, it shows up.

For those who want to learn how to stop letting fear sabotage their personal relationships and transform their fear into pure excitement, this guide is my gift to you. To overcome your fears, you'll take these 5 steps:

About The Author

I AM a messenger of love sent here to remind us all that when we AMPLIFY our LOVE we automatically AMPLIFY our lives.

I could list a bunch of things that would make me look “important” and “successful”, but what I want you to know about me is I truly care about people, our planet, and about maximizing my potential.

I’m committed to knowing that when I leave this world that my tank was empty, because I gave ALL that I had and then some in the name of LOVE.

So whether I’m speaking, leading workshops, writing books, or making conscious content through social media, it’s all in SERVICE of the same thing…. LOVE.

Preston Smiles

These People Have Been

“Amplify has been the catalyst that allowed me to walk my talk and be the person I came here to be.”

– Alex

“I manifested a home loan and a deeper relationship with my husband.”

– Sarah

“My biggest take away has been the energy shift in my body, in my heart and in my mind…”

– Nika

“…I felt amazing…there was a door that opened, all kinds of possibilities of seeing what my gifts really are…  “

– Marta

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