Raise Your Vibration and Start Manifesting Your Dreams!​

Amplify is an 8 week nonstop, action packed journey into RAISING your VIBRATION and MANIFESTING a LIFE OF TRUE FREEDOM.

**For a Limited Time** Receive LIVE HOT SEAT Coaching From Preston & Alexi Weekly

Next Start Date: January 11, 2021

Call times are in AM and PM so people from all over the globe can join

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"The law can only do for us what it can do through us...

Raise your vibration."

Preston Smiles


Here's What You Get:

  • In-Depth 8-week course, including weekly deep/fun/crazy assignments that will help you get back into the vibration of ABUNDANCE.
  • BI-Weekly Master Classes and Coaching with Alexi (1 hour- people cry every time).
  • Bi-Weekly Master Classes and Coaching with Preston (1 hour - These are deep and life changing)
  • Daily Community + coaches inspiring and keeping you ACCOUNTABLE.
  • Guest Master Coaches (BONUS).

PLUS: Sign up before before December 18th to receive 1 additional Bonus Call with Preston and Alexi LIVE

This is for if:

  • You're sick of letting FEAR of failure or fear of success SABOTAGE your life.
  • You've reached a plateau in your personal and professional life, but you KNOW there's more to you that what you're experiencing.
  • ​You self medicate or distract with social media, Netflix binges, shopping, video games, food, alcohol, meaningless relationships, or substances.
  • ​You're tired of listening to the voice in your head saying you're not enough, that you don't have enough money, aren't attractive enough, or smart enough.
  • You're resentful of yourself for people pleasing, and putting other's needs before your own.​​
  • ​You over think, over analyze, and/or procrastinate waiting for the “right” time to take action.​
  • ​You occasionally ask yourself "is this really all there is?" and suspect the answer just might be, yes.
  • ​You doubt your own talents and gifts, wondering if you’re fooling yourself into thinking you have what it takes to have the life of your dreams...
  • ​You’re friendly and coachable.
  • ​And you can keep a secret until I officially launch.

Amplify is where spirituality meets practicality


Amplify Your

  • There are LAWS, just like gravity that most people don’t know HOW to use, that I do and I feel it’s my duty to make it more accessible.
  • This LAW can ONLY do FOR you what it can do THROUGH YOU……Which is WHY I’ve made it as cheap as I could to be able to pay the coaches and the software I use.
  • The world is in pain right now, and we can only heal it one wound and one soul at a time. I want you to learn how to use these laws to play your part in the healing.

These People Have Been

“Amplify has been the catalyst that allowed me to walk my talk and be the person I came here to be.”

– Alex

“I manifested a home loan and a deeper relationship with my husband.”

– Sarah

“My biggest take away has been the energy shift in my body, in my heart and in my mind…”

– Nika

“…I felt amazing…there was a door that opened, all kinds of possibilities of seeing what my gifts really are…  “

– Marta

Meet Your Coaches

Miriam Brewer

Master Coach & Healer

Miriam Brewer is a Reiki Master of 15 years, Certified Aromatherapist, , personal trainer and massage therapist. 

For almost 10 years, she was a student of Spirit of the Light where she studied clearings, past life integration and angel guidance, and later become a shamanic healer, working with crystal, light, sound and breath work, and is currently a member of the coaching staff for Preston Smiles’ extreme leadership programs.

Michelle Mor

Master Coach & Motivator

Michelle Mor is a master coach accredited with ICF with more than 25 years of experience in supporting leaders of leaders to hone in on their potential and align to their greatness. Specializing in mindset mastery, manifestation, emotional intelligence, and leadership development, Michelle is a stand for people to live their purpose NOW. Her approach is unique and rooted in Holistic care, awakening people’s intuition to lead from the heart.

These People Have Been

“I am BLOWN AWAY by this program!' Do yourself a favor… Get on it!”

– Yaela

“I manifested a home loan and a deeper relationship with my husband.”

– Samaria

Don't waste any more time living an unamplified life.

Next Start Date: January 11, 2021

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XO Preston & Alexi

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